Local Traditional

Let’s eat at Nonna Antonietta’s Restaurant!

Apart from the rooms, Casale offers excellent cuisine,  which can satisfy the most demanding palates, as the  different dishes are prepared daily with  genuine and 0-Km products.

Our day starts with the preparation of sweets and delicacies, such as jams, brioche, pies, plum-cakes and biscuits for breakfast. They are served in the indoor room, which is one of the most historical rooms of the property, built entirely with natural stones. There is also a coffee shop open all day for coffee or any other drinks. At lunch-time the snack bar offers cold dishes, such as different kinds of salads, saltimbocca and unusual sandwiches which guests can taste in the quietness of  the terrace or in the garden. But The real party takes place at night: when the garden gets full of lights and with the music in the background the terrace turns into the perfect place for one to enjoy an aperitif at sunset. It can be accompanied with hot bread just taken out of the oven and home-made oil -an old but tasty and healthy course.

Dinner with its unforgivable flavours is served under the arbour, which creates a romantic atmosphere. You can try all the specialities of the house, such as home-made pasta, gnocchi, ravioli and Nonna Antonietta’s manicaretti.

Our peculiarity is that we can offer you the opportunity to try a 0-km menù, such as spaghetti with courgettes, aubergine parmigiana ( aubergine parmesan) and potatoes. And that’s simply because Casale Antonietta has its own vegetable garden which produces courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes and many other natural products just as it happened in real farmhouses in the past.

Actually, our desire to bring back the old flavours has led to the creation of actual cooking courses and our Pizza School.

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