Indoor & OutdoorPositano Tour

You mustn’t visit the Amalfi coast without making a stop in the enchanting Positano. The view of the coast, as well as the curves of the state highway you have to take to reach the town are worth the visit. Positano is a small jewel set among the mountains, which get full of deep colours at sunset. Even the sea changes its colour, it gets so blue that it seems unreal. You must walk along the famous and peculiar alleys of Positano and have a swim in its gorgeous coves!

Positano began as a small village with houses built on the rock, but now it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. It is popular for its fashion industry, created by some local stylists and sold in its typical shops. Most attractions are within walking distance, thus you have to explore it by going up and down through its typical alleys. The coast road passes over the village, so that the excursion on the Amalfi coast includes a panoramic stop in Belvedere, which allows travellers to enjoy one of the most amazing views of the world. Generally, this visit goes with the one in Amalfi or Ravello.

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